Energetics for Change 
07876 732692 

There Is a tangible increase in people knowing that the way things are done at the moment do not serve us, the way we organise and operate does not bring the world we all want to be a part of. Individuals that I speak to are seeking options and ways of developing outside of the mainstream, including work on adult development, complexity, meditation, and connecting with nature. 

Let’s come together and explore, support and evolve together. 

Community of Reflection and Practice 

Offering a space for like-minded people bringing together their soul purpose and their work, or just developing into all that they are. We can support, advise, share and connect. What this might bring, is to be determined by those involved, something vibrant and magical promises itself here. 
Use the contact form to add yourself to the list. We will launch in June 2022. 
£33.00 per month 

Get in touch 

To get in touch for general enquiries or put your name down to be part of the Community of Reflection and Practice when it starts in June 2022, please use the form below. Alternatively, book a free 15 minute chat via our booking page. 
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