Energetics for Change 
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I can walk alongside you to guide the expansion into the spaces to bring the next bit of your soul into play. This might include the soul of your organisation or team, or just you.  That means bringing more openness into how your organisation operates, or collaborates. Or it might mean opening up your love of drumming in the forest, or swimming in the sea or using the science…. 



One to one sessions (online) with a focus on any aspect of development that feels compelling to you in your personal, spiritual or professional life. 
Need to chat first? 
Book a 15 minute chat OR Book your 1:1 spot. 


Work with you and your team to enhance connection, commitment and care for more collaborative working. We offer team experiences such as our Forest Days in the North York Moors as well as this aspect of more traditional consultancy. 


Working with small, medium and large organisations to bring these principles of connection into the structure and approach of your organisation. Bespoke according to values and developmental stage of the people and the context. 


The reason for your inquiring into what might bring deeper change is the first question. This will bring a space for exploration that will reveal how we may help and if this is what you are looking for. We have a genuine and deep-seated interest in your place and your people, from the heart. 
We bring tools and methods from different schools of thought – from the science, the bridge and beyond, but all with a view to deepening connection, motivation, engagement, purpose and thriving in a complex and constantly shifting world. 

Esther Hall 

I have a background that can give confidence through my credentials in organisational settings, and to show the depth of study and experience with people in these settings. But more than these, I have travelled a long, difficult and thoroughly invigorating path developing my head, heart and soul. I will only bring what I have lived and breathed. Soul and love are what have revealed themselves over time – my true purpose is to bring these to you.. so that you may follow your path. 
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