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Our Approach centres around being aware that there is more than our scientists include in their version of the world.  In the introduction of a report by the Galileo Comminsion, a letter from Galileo is quoted that talks of the refusal by the principal professor of philosophy at Padua to “look at the moon and the planets through my glass…”.  'Being willing to look through the glass and adopt practices for exploration and adaptation brings a much needed channel for a new era of discovery, openness and evolution.' 

I have worked with public sector organisations that seem to have some knowledge of the advances of science in terms of working in complexity, whole systems and new tenets and frames for change. 
Still, there seem to be intractable contextual factors that prevent real changes to the conditions that are present in the form of organisational culture and history. Many are jaded and cynical following cycle after cycle of change projects that become swallowed up in the structures through which the change had been attempted, or even achieved in the short term. 
Courage, openness and bringing something new and untapped into these settings is the best chance to move these old energies into something that exudes care and joy. It might fall to the next generations to continue, in a form that attracts genuine belief, confidence, joy and connection, at and between all levels. 


Science and the study of how we develop and behave in different settings has a lot to offer in the worlds of: 

Complexity science 
Systems thinking 
Adult development 
Community development 
Transformational change 
Human geography 
Behaviour change 
Using these to bring about the conditions within which change can take place is a key part of the developing awareness and application of some of the available practices for evolution. 
We Evolve works with a number of institutions and organisations to bring these to life. 

Beyond Science 

Science alone has its limitations which have long been recognised by many within the scientific world. There is so much of the human experience that science cannot explain. The humility to acknowledge that science is only one part of the picture brings the opportunity to grow beyond this way of seeing the world. 

We can also evolve through: 

Working with the specific energies and capabilities of the heart (in conjunction with the brain) 
Working with technologies from ancient history and sources not recognised by current scientific writing such as sacred geometry and the power of the energies for change 
The power of specific forms of contemplative practice 
Journeying and connecting with energies beyond those we easily see and feel 
The use of sound for exploration of different realms 

Bridging Science and Beyond 

There are practices and frameworks that have elements of contemplation associated with both Science and Beyond Science, yet not fully in either category. We Evolve bridges these practices for serious work on transformation or change using: 
Connection practices like Forest Bathing and Sound Baths 
Global transformation frameworks like Otto Scharmer’s Theory U 

Ways to Walk with us 

Coaching and Consultancy 

Coaching sessions provide one to one support in whatever direction for growth is relevant for you as an individual. 
Book a 15 minute introductory conversation with Esther for the next step or jump in and book an hour’s session. 


Join our Community of Practice where we can come together to share experience and support each others’ growth, with presentations and group sessions on a monthly basis. 
Put your name down for the launch of this group in June 2022. 

Courses and Events 

We have different ways for you to engage with us that include courses and one off events to develop your awareness and growth in different ways. 
Check out our course and events calendar. 
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