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Esther Hall 

I have studied Applied Psychology and Organisational Psychology since 1992 and became a Chartered Psychologist in 2015. I have always had a keen interest in how people operate, thrive or struggle in organisational settings across sectors. I have worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors and have experience of facilitating change and transformation, helping people thrive and feel able to find and bring all they are into their working lives. 
I have a strong background in bringing together a broad range of practitioners, academics and subject matter experts for innovative projects to bring systems and individual change together – the internal and the external. My work is largely in service of seeding and developing cultures and structures that support the deepest sense of what society and the world will benefit by – this can start with the individual a team, a project or a whole organisation. 

Now & Next 

Where the path is leading me – how my soul became my leader in personal, work and spiritual spheres of life. 
I didn’t realise I was on this path until I had already travelled some considerable way along it. I had a difficult start and spent my teens and twenties reacting to it, being catapulted from situation to situation with very little awareness, just an innate sense of joy and energy and care for others that was the backdrop to drama, chaos and lots of fun as well. 
Things changed as I became a parent, I trained in reflexology, tai chi and stress management and Neuro-linguistic programming, alongside looking after my two small children while my husband worked away. I was dabbling and finding growth for myself and others, but a long way from fulfilled. 
I reengaged with my formal career path and my husband came home and sold his business. I was nearly 40 had a 15 year old degree in psychology and little else. I began the path to being a psychologist and worked with Mind with people with mental health and emotional issues at work for 3 years while also gaining experience in practical applications of organisational development, people development, and all things psychology at work. At the same time as doing a part time Masters in occupational psychology. When the contract with Mind finished, I worked as a freelance consultant with largely voluntary sector organisations helping them be true to their values and culture whilst learning to operate in a funding landscape where evidence of impact was needed, and change needed to happen to adapt. I continues to work with individuals throughout, whether coaching senior leaders or people struggling to feel settled, whole and fulfilled. 
I then chose to try working in a financial institution developing the people and practices in a large national organisation. I soon discovered that I really needed to have the meaning of my work to be clear and central, and as I tried to bring this to the work, it did not suit or meet the culture of the organisation and was not valued or taken up. I soon left amicably now knowing I needed a deeper purpose present and clear and for that to be of value for the people I worked with and for. 
Then I joined a Public Health team in Yorkshire and felt I had found my real space to grow. I brought all my knowledge and experience of getting and supporting behaviour change at different levels to service design to help individuals, families and communities, so they could all be all they could be. I became practiced in applying complex systems, systems thinking, systems change working with academics, practitioners and like-minded people bringing this forward to support connection, care and heart to work in our communities and public sector organisations. Culture, history and established structures in the public sector create barriers to deep change there, even as the need for that change is increasingly evident. I am now 50 and see there are pockets of energy for change, but hierarchy, power, not having time to listen to each other and collaborate with the people on the ground, residents, patients, workers, leaders all stop the deepest purpose come to the fore. There is much work to be done here, and the frame of Adult Development is an important one. What are the conditions needed for people to develop their ability to hear each other, to really listen to each others’ truths in service of growth. 
Along the way, whilst in the Public Health team, my spiritual life began to expand, with new understanding, energy, connection to the earth, the stars, my ancestry, sounds and different healing modalities all brought me to my soul purpose. The parity between where the science and my experience alongside my spiritual growth have brought me, the synergies and space for creativity and openness 
This is where I am now, knowing that organisations are only as developed as their people and their leaders and that people who aren’t leading anything still need to find their soul purpose Exploring and developing people in these times, in these settings, in this society, needs advanced understanding of the science and what lies beyond the science. This is my soul purpose, to bring these two worlds of knowledge and practice in science and beyond, together in service of the evolution of our organisation and our people so we can all connect and thrive, fulfilled by seeking out our soul purpose and bringing it to life. 

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