Energetics for Change 
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Deep exploration for meaningful change. 

Deep exploration for meaningful change. 

When you are actively searching for deeper connections with and in the world, We Evolve will support and guide you through the process. We will give you the tools, skills, and practices you need to explore and expand personally and professionally. 
We provide a positive and invigorating approach that can bring about profound shifts that will potentially affect all aspects of your life. 

Ways to Walk with us 

Ways to Walk with us 

Coaching and Consultancy 

Coaching sessions provide one to one support in whatever direction for growth is relevant for you as an individual. 
Book a 15 minute introductory conversation with Esther for the next step or jump in and book an hour’s session. 


Join our Community of Practice where we can come together to share experience and support each others’ growth, with presentations and group sessions on a monthly basis. 
Put your name down for the launch of this group in June 2022. 

Courses and Events 

We have different ways for you to engage with us that include courses and one off events to develop your awareness and growth in different ways. 

Our Approach Science & beyond 

There is so much that science and academic enquiry / practice have brought to the field of change and transformation across governments and sectors. Over the years, some techniques and tools that were previously unpalatable in these settings have become mainstream, like mindfulness and frameworks such as Ottos Scharmer’s Theory U. We Evolve offers support in bringing these into your lives or organisations. 
We also use and bring tools, techniques and frameworks that have not yet made it into the mainstream (beyond the science) but are valuable additions to how we seek and support change from within ourselves, in our teams and organisations and together as a collective of people for transformation. In fact, by bringing in these other elements, the potential for evolution becomes realised. 

Upcoming Courses & Events 

Working with energy for connection 
The next step on from traditional leadership, team cohesion, organisational dynamics / collaboration and culture-change courses. This course starts to move into the very practical ways to this seldom-explored and developed area of energy, vibration, connection and care. 
A 6 session course over 8 weeks. March-May 2022 
Booking has now closed, but please check back for details on future courses. 
Forest bathing 
We run full days on the edge of the North York Moors incorporating some or all of: meditation, mindful walking, connecting with earth and trees and each other in an truly magical environment, shamanic drumming and journeying. We provide light lunch, opportunities to share and make sense of how our connection to each other is linked to how we connect to earth, enhancing perception of energies often forgotten, to be newly brought to life. 
Sound bath 
We hold sound baths which are scheduled to follow on from our Forest Days in Yorkshire, for those who are staying locally. Individuals and small groups can book onto these events. 
Jim French is a powerful and spiritually connected practitioner who brings a whole new level of experience to those who attend, whether this be for relaxing or stimulation. You will never forget the experience and may even be changed through it…a beautifully held container for evolution. 
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